azhar mansor

Posted by kerel_afzan Friday, October 22, 2010

Datuk Azhar Mansur is the first Malaysia to sail solo around the world. He made his trip in 1999, sailing the ship called jalur gemilang.His round the world trip, with stops, took 190 days, 6hours 57 minutes 2 seconds.
A rumour was widely spread in Malaysia by text messaging alleging that he had renounced islam, and that he was a Christian living in Australia.  This rumour turned out to be false, however, as he is still in charge of the Telaga Harbour marina in langkawi, Malaysia. Azhar has repeatedly denied all rumours that he had converted as of 10 November, 2006.

hheeh hebat perhhh azhar mansor nie.sampai boleh pusing keliling dunia..hebatnampak.


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